Wine & Olive oil

Organic Wine

We cultivate Sangiovese, Merlot, Syrah, Petit Verdot, Ciliegiolo, Malvasia di Candia, and Trebbiano using organic methods.

Currently, we offer three fine reds: Rufe, Xuru, and Ramueth. Their names are Etruscan.

All three wines use the same grapes but in different proportions and are processed differently in the winery, using vats and barriques.

Rufe is I.G.T., which in Etruscan means: ‘red, of red color’ and it is just so.
Xuru is DOC Maremma, in Etruscan meaning: ‘singing in chorus while dancing in a circle’.
Ramueth is DOC Maremma, in Etruscan meaning: “Mix, pour [the wine]”.

Rufe is generous, fresh and easy to drink. It happily accompanies grilled meats, roasts, aged cheeses, cold cuts, and sausages. Risottos, with spring herbs and vegetables, make it especially appreciated.

Xuru is well-structured and has an intense ruby red color. The tannins are present but pleasantly velvety. It pairs well with grilled and stewed meats, roasts, cold cuts and sausages, aged cheeses.

Ramueth ages in barriques. It has good complexity, structure and persistence. The tannins are balanced and elegant. It is characterised by an intense ruby red color. It pairs very well with grilled and stewed meats, traditional cooked cold cuts and roasts from the culinary tradition of the Po Valley.

We deliver throughout Italy.

Organic Olive Oil

We produce organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil; the cultivation follows the principles of organic agriculture. The oil has low acidity and enhances your dishes.
Would you like to taste the generous wines of the Maremma, the delicate oil or other delicacies? You can enjoy the farm’s products with our Maremman tastings.

We deliver throughout Italy.

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